My Football DVD Collection
A library of original TV broadcasts of NFL and college football games
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Welcome to my football DVD collection. Before you ask, let me say that nothing on this site is in any way connected to any sports organization. It is simply a collection of football (and some other sports) DVDs of games I have collected over the years. These are original broadcasts, not ESPN classics unless noted.

Please contact me if you would like any of my games.

:: DVD Cool Picks ::

Yu Darvish takes on Masahiro Tanaka in Japan in 2009 and 2011.

Barry Sanders, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana in college and the NFL.

TV Olympic coverage of the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" US Mens hockey games.

:: DVDs Added Recently ::

:: Added But No Page Yet ::
The following games are available but not listed on this site yet:

  • None right now

    :: My Want List ::
    If you have any of these on DVD, I would be interested in trading:

  • 9/16/1989 Oklahoma at Arizona
  • any 1989 Arizona home football games
  • 1991 Houston at Miami
  • 12/30/1991 Freedom Bowl San Diego State vs Tulsa
  • 9/6/1997 Marshall at Army
  • Hawaii college football games not on this site
  • 1985 week 13 Buccaneers at Packers
  • Randy Moss, Jerry Rice or Barry Sanders college games not on this site

    :: These Are Gone ::
    The following games appear on my site but are no longer in my collection and not available:

  • 2008 Nebraska vs West Virginia
  • 12/07/2008 Eagles vs Giants
  • 2008 wk 17 Eagles vs Cowboys
  • 09/13/2009 Eagles vs Panthers
  • 10/26/2009 Eagles vs Giants
  • 12/27/2009 Eagles vs Broncos
  • 2011 TCU vs SMU
  • 2013 Cowboys vs Lions
  • 2013 Notre Dame vs Oklahoma
  • 2013 Arizona vs Washington
  • 2013 wk 13 Steelers vs Ravens
  • 2013 wk 15 Cardinals vs Titans

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