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  • 2001 East Tennessee vs Georgia Southern
  • November 09, 1996
    college football DVD. 1996 regular season DVD.

    Marshall Thundering Herd vs.

    East Tennessee State Buccaneers

    " 1996 college football DVD
    1996 regular season DVD. 1996 Marshall at East Tennessee State football DVD.

    Stat studs: 1996 NCAA football DVD. East Tennessee State Buccaneers vs Marshall Thundering Herd DVD. Randy Moss. Eric Kessler, Bob Pruett, Chad Pennington, Doug Chapman, Llow Turner, Javonne Darling, Nate Poole, LaVorn Colclough, Randy Moss, Larry Moore, Rogers Beckett, B.J. Cohen, Billy Malashevich, Javon Jenkins, Rob Simpson, Chris Gentry, Bill Wade Church, Mark Humphrey, Rob Temple, John Rauch, Larry Watson, Isaac Martin, Torin Hamilton, Ancel James Barron, Steve R. Parker, Miles Aldridge, Bob Whetsel, Mack Cummings, Billy Taylor, Don Dunn


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