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December 13, 1997
college football DVD. 1997 Division III Championship DVD.

Mount Union Purple Raiders vs.

Lycoming Warriors

1997 college football DVD
1997 Division III Championship DVD. 1997 Mount Union vs Lycoming football DVD.

Stat studs:
1997 Division III Championship DVD. 1997 Mount Union Purple Raiders vs Lycoming Warriors DVD. MU 61, Lycoming 12. Marc Lantos, Steve Evans, Ryan Gorius, Ed Pollock, Dave Hassey, Bill Borchert, Kevin Knestrick, Bryan Tyla, Reiko Gollate, Elliot Love, Mike Selvenis, Joe Urso, Jason Marraccini, Mike Fox, Tim Dumas, Steve Hill, Brian Thompson, Dave Hilling, Tom Dufner, Bob Drulis


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