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KISS - TV Collection - A 90 minute compilation of commercials, tv specials and other tv appearences by KISS. Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss

KISS - Live in Anaheim - Destroyer Tour

KISS - Live in Houston

KISS Meets the Phantom - full length movie

KISS - Live in Largo, Maryland - Dynasty Tour

KISS - Live in Sydney, Australia

KISS - Live in Rio, Brazil

KISS - MTV Unplugged reunion

KISS - Farewell Tour - 3/18/2000 Anaheim, CA
KISS - Farewell Tour - 3/19/2000 San Diego, CA
KISS - Farewell Tour - 9/26/2000 Trenton, NJ
KISS - Farewell Tour - 10/7/2000 Charleston, SC - Peter's last concert, KISS's last concert in the USA

Seinfeld DVDs
1993-2000 Seinfeld
the entire collection of every Seinfeld episode ever aired, including the Puerto Rico Independence Day espisode

Perfume DVDs
Japanese J-pop group Perfume live at Tokyo Dome DVD, a 3-disk DVD set

Barack Obama
Barack Obama acceptance speech after winning the Presidential election. The speech is in full and uncut from CSPAN.

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