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Pacific Tigers DVD
NCAA college football DVDs

September 14, 1991
college football DVD. 1991 regular season DVD.

Pacific Tigers vs.

San Diego State Aztecs

1991 college football DVD
1991 regular season DVD. Pacific at San Diego State football DVD.

Stat studs: 1991 NCAA football DVD. San Diego State Aztecs vs Pacific Tigers DVD. SDSU 55, Pacific 34. Marshall Faulk runs for 386 yards and 7 TDs. Walt Harris, Al Luginbill, Marshall Faulk, Darnay Scott, David Lowery, Cree Morris, Wayne Pittman, Patrick Rowe, Darnay Scott, Merton Harris


October 24, 1992
college football DVD. 1992 regular season DVD.

Pacific Tigers vs.

Washington Huskies

1992 college football DVD
1992 regular season DVD. 1992 Pacific at Washington football DVD.

Stat studs: 1992 NCAA football DVD. Washington Huskies vs Pacific Tigers DVD. UW 31, UP 7. Steve Everitt, Trezelle Jenkins, Chris Hutchinson, Steve Morrison, Ty Law, Dwayne Ware, Don James, Mark Brunell, Billy Joe Hobert, Napoleon Kaufman, Joe Kralik, Mark Bruener, Lincoln Kennedy, D'Marco Farr, Jaime Fields, Shane Pahukoa, Chuck Shelton, Troy Kopp, Dave Henigan, Craig Whelihan, Ryan Benjamin, Jessie Campbell, Aaron Turner, Kale Wedemeyer, Trent Julian, Darius Cunnigan, Duane Thomas, Daryl Rogers, Eddie Ausherman


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